The secrets of country guitar Vol.1 The basic


#How to remenber note no

#Scale for Country style
-Major scale 2
-Minor scale
-Major pentatonic scale
-Country scale
-Mixolydian#2 scales

#Arpeggios for Country style
-Major arpeggios group
-Minor arpeggios group
-Dominant arpeggios group

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-Full HD 1080p ,3 camera angle ,normal speed and slow speed    
- 42 vdo and 42 backingtrack
- scale and arpeggio charts
- 42 Tab pdf

“The secrets of country guitar vol.2 Advance to play” coming soon

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My song.

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way to hell !

 For yesterday

Wat breakdown

Cover & Jam.

Sleepwalk santo & johnny farina (cover by Mr.Wat)

D'angelico ELVIS PRESLEY 175 Clean sound preview by Mr.wat

D'angelico Deluxe175 on Blues backingtrack by Mr.Wat
D'angelico guitar premier DC on smooth jazz backing track by Mr.wat
Steve Morse - Stressfest (cover by Suwat Kraeorkaenpet )
D'angelico 175 - Slow blues backing track by Mr.Wat (Thai guitarist)
D'angelico guitar premier DC on blues backing track by Mr.wat
solo in Country Boy(cover by Suwat Kraeorkaenpet)
I' m allright(Cover) - Neil Zaza By Suwat Kraeorkaenpet
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